Cashew cream, warning spices. No artificial additives. No added sugar. Plant-based. Separation is natural, shake it up. No starches, gums or other stabilizers, just wholesome ingredients. Get the irresistible Indian flavors you crave in a matter of minutes crafted by award-winning chef and cookbook author Chitra Agrawal (at)chitra. Instagram. Korma equals comfort food. I put my own spin on this curry house staple, replacing the dairy in the original recipe with organic coconut cream, pure cashew butter and a but of shredded coconut for good measure. The result is a delicate, luxurious sauce with a warm hint of cardamom and black pepper. Like it spicy. Add a spoonful of Brooklyn Delhi Achaar. Achaar (Ah-char) is a flavor-packed Indian chili sauce that adds umami kick to the foods you love. Share what you make (at)brooklyndelhi. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Recipes at Made in the USA.