Natural Tides Sea Salt, Mediterranean, Coarse Crystals 17.6 Oz

Natural sea salt. Kosher certified. Sustainably harvested, ecologically & socially responsible. Fair for Life: Fair trade certified by IMO. A product from the sun, wind & water. Our dazzling snow white sea salt originates in the Mediterranean Sea, where crystal clear waters ebb and flow through an environmentally preserved coastal region. Here, the sultry sunshine and gentle winds evaporate the sea water, leaving behind premium Natural Tides Sea Salt. Traditionally harvested for centuries, the salt is unrefined, unbleached and contains naturally occurring essential trace minerals - calcium, magnesium & copper. Think global! Natural Tides pioneers introduction of a socially & ecologically responsible Fair Trade certified sea salt. We are happy to a be among the first companies to be a part of a growing trend globally to certify fair trade producers regardless of their locality but rather on the basis of the merits of their social, ecological, and fair price practices. Natural Tides Fine and Coarse Sea Salt producer is being paid a premium price for their sea salt so that premium savings can be set aside for the benefit of the employees and the community which they live in, thus enhancing the quality of life, the care and the quality of the products traded worldwide. Join in our globally responsible community by simply purchasing and supporting this product. You will love its quality all around. That is a promise! Enjoy! Please recycle. Product of Spain.